Kaety Laine


I'm Kaety Laine, nice to meet you. I'm currently a member of the Aegis of Etheirys FC where I act as the companies tattoo artist/piercer. I do accept clients from outside the FC and I also like to paint and draw in my free time. On Tuesday evenings, I am a server/bartender for The Blue Miqo'te and I hope to see you all there!Please, if you're under the age of 18, do not contact me for a piercing or a tattoo unless you have parent's consent. Also, I am not interested in being in your polygamous relationship. I am very much a one-woman kind of gal and I expect you to respect that.


FC House/Personal Parlor:Mateus: Shirogane, 16th Ward, Plot 11I live in the Lavender Beds.The Blue Miqo'te:
Goblin: Lavender Beds, 7th Ward, Plot 6
When not in either of those places, I'm probably somewhere out in the world. Feel free to message me if you wanna RP or anything, I'm always down for it!